Do you want to see who is visiting BO-5?

I just found this service on the web. It looks great using Google Maps. You can see where our blog visitors are from. Nice to know there are visitors from around the world.

To see the map, click on this link.

Myanmar mp3 download

I have been thinking about uploading some of my mp3 files for you guys to listen. Now I have Myo Gyi's Nate Ta Du Wa for you here on BO-5. I am still testing the water with this one and more will come in the future. I might reorganize the folder structure to make it easy for browsing.

For now, just go to my vault to listen Myo Gyi's new series Nat Ta Du Wa. Enjoy the music. If you like it, buy it. If you can't buy it or don't want to buy copies, then donate that money to less fortunate children. You know what I mean.

25GB of online storage for free

AMD Live! Media Vault is offering 25GB of online storage for free. All you need to do is sign up and create an account. You can store your photos, music, video, etc. in this vault. One of the great features is you can host your uploaded files from their site. So, if you want a media host for your blog, you can use that feature.

For more information, go to

The only catch is that you have 1GB bandwidth limit for each month. That doesn't include your uploads so you can upload as much as you want.

I have been using this media vault for a while and I like its features and performance. I use primarily to backup my photos.